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Wuneng T4 Smart Switch (Single live)

  • Smart linkage
  • Scene mode 
  • Mobile control 
  • Anti misoperation 
  • Timing switch 


One mobile make infintie possibilities

Embedded with MacBee module, it can realize multipile functions such as remote switch,

timing switch by mobile phone 


Going home mode, leaving home mode, sleeping mode, etc

witch freely, brings infinie possibility to your life.


Timing switch, start personal enjoyment 

Can set the timing switch of the electric appliances based on your own or family life habits,

Only one operation, long enjoy, start your own personality life

Wuneng T4 Smart Switch (single live) 2 buttons

  • 1 Hour installation for 300 aed

    3 Hours installation for 500 aed

    1 Day installation for 1000 aed

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