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Wuan S2 Smoke Detector

Smoke detection. Local buzzing alarm. Send alarm messages to your phone. Prevent fire disaster.


Real Time Feedback

When the device detects smoke or fire,
it triggers local buzzing alarm and send messages to your mobile phone .


Auto-setting to "Protected"

When the APP set to PROTECTED mode. It helps to
monitor the status of your home. No matter where you are, it keeps an eye on your home safety.


Hardware Specification

  • Physical Size65×75×45.5(includes plug)mm
  • Power SupplyChinese plug
  • Wireless Type2.4G RF
  • Frequency Range250Kbps
  • Transmission Power6dBm(Max)
  • Receiving Sensitivity-95dBm



Function Specification

  • Operation SystemAndroid/iOS
  • Language SupportChinese/English
  • One Key ConfigurationSupport
  • Auto NetworkSupport, auto link
  • Remote AccessSupport
  • Restart IGRSSupport
  • Safety CertificationComply
  • EMC Certification7×24hcontinuously


Electrical Specification

  • Supply Voltage220V AC


Environment Specification

  • Operation Temperature-10~60℃
  • Operation Humidity10-90% No Condensation

Wuan S2 Smart Smoke Detector

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