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Hardware specification-Main Hardware:

CPU: CPU:ST_ARM® Cortex™-M0 8 digits mirco controller

Fingerprint Sensor: Support(Size:160*160,on the knob)

Screen (LCM): Not support


Communication & network: 

Wi-Fi: Support(802.11 b/g/n @2.4GHz ,WPA/WPA2 safe mode)(Optional)

Bluetooth: Not support

Zigbee: Not support

NB olt: Support(For optional)



Emergency charging port: Support(Software upgrade supported)

Camera image: Not support

Audio support: Audio(Chinese/English)+Alarm(back lock)

Door knob light: Not support


Keypad: Touch screen(Front board)+reset(Back board)


 Key classical: 

A Class: /   B Class: /   C Class: Support 



Battery: 4 AA alkaline dry batteries, capacity specification: 4.5V~6.5V

Standby time: 20000 hours more  

Usage time (10 times everyday): 2 years more 



Adapt doortype/lock body:

Wood door: Support,compatible 6052 lock body,small lock body,small 50 lock body  

Security door: Support,compatible 6052 lock body,small lock body,small 50 lock body  

Steel door: Support,compatible 6052 lock body,small lock body,small 50 lock body  

Room door: Compatible 6052 lock body,small lock body,small 50 lock body  

Villa door: Not support


Unlock method:

Fingerprint: Support  

Password: Support  
NFC card: Support(2pcs),work rate:13.56MHZ Card reading distance:15mm more(screen on), 
6mm more(screen off) unlock time:1~2ms  
Key Support(2pcs)  

Management software Support(Website+APP)  

APP Support(Tuya APP)  

Cloud platform Tuya 


Door thikness:

Door thickness 4-10cm  

Support door open direction:(Do not support the knob exchange)  

Left open Support  

Right open Support  

Inner open Support

Outer open: Support


Other function:

Peep hole Pick-proof: No support

Indoor Anti-lock Support       I

D unlock Not support      

Anti-peeping password Support      

Doorbell Support(Enter# Key)    

Temporary password Support(APP send temporary password) 


Fingerprint Parameter Fingerprint Algorithm      

Fingerprint Algorithm Fingerchip Self-research encrypted Algorithm V2.4  

Non-read rate <0.001%(Ministry of public security test report)

Mistake rate <0.00005%(Ministry of public security test report)  

Identify speed 0.3 second/pcs(Keep the same identify speed even full )

Comparison 1:N   Identify Angle 360°  

Sensor press times 100,000 times  

Capacity 100 user 



Other parameter  

Low battery warning Low battery alarm can be turned on about 50 times.  

Password protect Continue mistype 5 times,lock for 180 second while warning.

Alarm Method APP warning.  

Pick-proof alarm Not support  

Initial password 1234567890  

Open mode Press  “2”&“8”after unlock to enter  

Virtual password 20 digits  

Password digtal 6-8 digital code 



Electrical performance    

Stand-by power consumption <50uA  

Operating power consumption Average<150mA/H 



Environment requirement    

Temperature requirement Work temp: -30℃~+55℃

Storage temp: -40℃~+70℃    

Humidity requirement 90%


Product Technical Specification:
Reliability requirement Touch 8+/-kV,Air +/-15kV  

Certification GA(Ministry of Public Security Certification)、


Wif Doorluck-SH588

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