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• The smart light provide remote control from anywhere. With App on your smartphone you can turn on/off the smart light whether you are at home or away.

• Create customized schedules to turn the bulb on and off. There are many choices,like sunrise/ sunset,weather,etc.Such as programming at 8:00 am with lamp on to remind you to get up or at 11:00 pm with lamp off to remind you to sleep.

• Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. Use voice commands to control without lifting a finger.

• Support family share. You can share lights` control with your family. The smart light will automatically cut off the power if the voltage is greater than standard voltage.



Wi-Fi Smart Atmosphere Light (Small)

• Material: LLDPE polyethylene

• Light color: RGBCW, 10 light colors

• DC: DC5V1A

• Lithium battery: 1200mA

• Battery use: charge 3-6 hours, use for 8-15 hours

• Control methods: kaforot APP, Alexa Echo, Google home

• Light source power: LED 1.5W

• Available in four sizes: D15 x H21cm; D14*H19cm; D11 x H19cm; D10 x H15cm .

•Product Dimensions: D11 x H19cm

• N.W: 330g



1. Mobile APP remote control on and off

2. Timing and Countdown function

3. Support Alexa, google home, IFTTT voice control

4. Support multiple mobile phone controls

5. Energy saving and environmental protection

6. Overload protection

7. APP online upgrade

8. Can be added in batches and Group contro

Wi-Fi Smart Atmosphere Light (Small)-330g-D11 x H19cm

  • 1 Hour installation for 300 aed

    3 Hours installation for 500 aed

    1 Day installation for 1000 aed

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