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• The smart light strip can be easily remote controled. You can via app to turn on/off, dim brighten, or change the color of lights whether you are at home or away.

• Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, the smart light strip is more durable and reliable. It can work  up to 100,000 hours with a lower energy comsumption.

• Made of environmental friendly material, the light strip can provide high intensify with low heat.

• Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. Use voice commands to control without lifting a finger. The light strip can also be controled by 44 key remote controller.

• Support family share. You can share lights` control with your family. The smart light  will automatically cut off the power if the voltage is greater than standard voltage.



• Wi-Fi 7-color Smart Light Strip

• Current: 60mA, Max 90mA;

• Voltage: 2.8-3.6V , Max 5V;

• Strip length: 5M, 60leds/strip

• Ambient temperature: -20 °C ~ +50 °C;

• Power supply: 0.12W at 43-46mA, 0.15W at 46-53mA, and 0.18W at 54-60mA

• Lifetime: 100,000 hours under the right power and voltage

• With Adaptor and Remote control

•Product Dimensions: 1Φ15cm

• Product N.W.: 500g


1.  Mobile  APP remote control on and off switch

2.  Timing function

3.  Support Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT voice control .

4.  Support multiple mobile phone controls

5.  Energy saving and environmental protection

6.  Overload protection

7.  App online upgrade

8.  Can be added in batches and Group control

9. With FR remote conroller conrtol

Wi-Fi 7-color Smart Light Strip

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