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Adopt the toughened glass of 6.5 mohs hardness, which is 3~5 times stronger than ordinary glass.
It efficiently prevents scratches and looks more exquisite and smooth.


  • 3D Toughened Glass Panel

    prevent from scratches

  • 3ms Fast Response

    C-Touch technology

  • Smart Lighting Control

    control by APP, voice, panel

  • Smart Scene Customization

    work with multiple devices


Adopt the C-Touch technology to achieve the fast response of 3ms.
And with the soft indicator in the night, locate the switch without any bother for your sleep.

Sensitive Capacitive Touch Technology C-Touch™

Response Time: 3 ms


The switch relay is well protected by the RelayPro-Tech™ technology.
Enable over 120 thousand of On/Off operations and 30 years of service life.



Service Life


* Data is calculated based on the premise of 10 operations a day with normal temp. and humidity.
Actual effect may vary with environment.


Adopt superior V-0 fire-proof material, and passed the tests of anti-thunder,
anti-surge and high temperature protection.


Improve the traditional lighting control by Touch Classic smart switches which are controlled by HomeMate APP, and enable users to control the lighting anytime and anywhere.


simple click in the bed to turn off all the lighting via phone
APP without any bother to get up to turn off lights.


Support Amazon Alexa and Google Home to enable the lighting voice control just
by speaking out the commands.


Touch Classic series in HomeMate smart home system can work with hundred of smart devices to
enable the timer control, devices interaction and scene control.


Touch Classic- 2 gang

Product Model:T30W2Z

Load Range:600Wmax/ gang

Product Size: 86*90*38mm

Input Voltage:250V~,50/60Hz

Wiring Method:L & N wire

Working Temperature:-20℃~60℃

Working Humidity:≤80%

Wireless Protocol:ZigBee HA

Encryption:AES-128bit dynamic encryption

Frequency:2.4GHz,IEEE 802.15.4

Transmission Distance:60m(open area)

Orvibo-ZigBee ON/OFF Switch(CN type,2 Gang neutral 100-240V) glass panel

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