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  • Your home is on your phone, everything we do is to make you more comfortable.
  • Implements innovative design solutions to develop and create more technologically advanced and high-quality products.
  • User can always monitor and control their home through mobile devices.
  • Orvibo is striving to make our life more comfotable and convenient.
  • Our secure system provides you a ture peace of mind. 
  • Master the condition of the house at anywhere and anytime.


Product Description :
Smart Water Leakage Sensor : Timely report water leakage at home, in case of water flooring kitchen, wash room, living room, bed room.
Industrial Intimate design: Smart Water Leakage Sensor adopts separate design of body and sensor, efficiently protect the product from high humidity.


Specifications :

  • Model NO: HS1WL
  • Working Voltage: DC3V
  • Static current: ≤5uA
  • Alarm current: ≤30mA
  • Networking: ZigBee Ad-Hoc Network
  • Wireless networking distance: ≤100m (in the open area)
  • Working environment: -10???~+50???
  • Working humidity: Maximum 95%RH
  • Dimension: 60*30*11.8mm


Package Contains :
1 x Orvibo HS1WL Timely Report Smart Water Leakage Sensor - White

Orvibo-Water Leakage Sensor

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