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All-in-one panel to control to control smart devices and scenes with new interaction way.

Small curtain: Self Closing Curtain 

Smart appliances: Mobile phone remote control

Smart hvac: Detect temperature adjust automaticatly 

Built in zigbee hub: Connect multipule devices 

Smart lighting: One key to control 

Smart detection: temperature, humidity,and air quality 


Key Specifications/Special Features:

MixPad is a multifunctional control panel for smart home. It was controlled by both the buttons and screen with the Multiplay system developed by ORVIBO.
MixPad makes it more convenient and simplified to control devices and scenes, and enable to detect the temperature, humidity, light, etc..
Provide users with smarter product experience.
Precise Detection on Environment
√ Temperature Sensing Detect real-time temperature
√ Humidity Sensing Detect real-time humidity
√ Gesture Sensing Wake up the control interface by gesture
√ Light Sensing Detect real-time light value
1. Lighting Control
Smart control the On/Off lights, dimmer, RGB lights, etc.;
Control the lighting by buttons or screen touch;
Support individual device control and one key to control all devices.
2. Curtain Control
Smart control the blinds, roller shutters, screens and two-side opening curtains;
Control the curtains by buttons or screen touch;
Support individual curtain control and one key to control all curtain devices.
3. Information Display
Display the information about weather, temperature, humidity and air quality;
Through the MixPad with internet, users will know the weather when they're ready to go outside.
4. Heating & Ventilation Control
Smart control the air conditioner, heating floor and fresh air devices;
Control the HVAC devices by buttons or screen touch;
Support individual device control and one key to control all devices.
5. Security Setting
Three security modes: Arming at home, arming away home and disarming;
Works with multiple secure alarm sensors and devices, MixPad supports various scene settings and one key to control devices and scenes.
6. Scene Setting
Comfortable living space is constituted by proper illumination, moderate temperature and humidity, reliable security protection and soft music around. With MixPad, one key to enable the scene and atmosphere you want.

Master Controller:Quad Core
Screen:Square 3.5 inch 720*720P
Touch:G+F+F capacitive multi-touch
Wireless Network:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Zigbee supported
Wired Network:Ethernet supported
Speaker:AAC 1813
Material:V0 fire-proof PC,304 stainless steel
Zigbee Networking:Built-in Zigbee hub
Interaction System:Multiplay System




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