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RFSET includes:



  • RF-controlleddimmer designated for creation of lightscenes, control of one / or group of lights
  • multifunction -7programmable functions: 4 light scenes with various intensity,time functions withsimulation o sunrise/sunset, ON / OFF
  • one dimming actuator can becontrolled by up to 8 controllers
  • it enables dimming of el.bulbs and halogen lights with electronicor wind transformer R,L,C (load cannot be combined) with maximal input 250 VA
  • protection againsttemperature overrun inside the device - output switches off
  • electronic overcurrentprotection - switches output off in case of overload, short-circuit
  • emergency control by buttonProg.
  • device state signalizationby LED diode on its front panel
  • operational frequency 868MHz
  • housing for installation into a wiring box



2-channel wireless push-button in design Logus90


- Wireless push-buttons serve as transmitters for controlling of receivers of systems RF Control

- Flat design destines them for easy and quick installation onto any surface (glass, wood, wall..)

- Messages are transmitted by wireless communication between system units

- Transmitters can simultaneously operate unlimited number of assigned actuators, which are in the range of RF signal

- Range of radio signal by RF installation is dependent on building construction, applied materials and    concept of unit location

- Sensors can transmit the radio signal, which is based on impulse (button press), and that contains an information for receiver

- Transmitters are powered by battery

- Battery life is cca 5 years (according to frequency of using)

Dimming actuator 7 prog., wall switch with 4 buttons

AED899.00 Regular Price
AED809.10Sale Price
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